Monday, September 14, 2009

50 Fabrics, Time & Love from 4 Amazing Girls

Sara. Married to our son, mother of our grandkids and is the perfect daughter in law. She coordinated this project and put the final pieces together. So much work. Such a wonderful girl. These are her squares, appliqued flowers, perfect for me.

Emily. First born daughter, big sister, married to Tim. Biggest smile you'll ever see. She had never sewn before but learned so she could make her 9 patch squares. Never had to redo one and all her corners are perfect. Amazing.

Rachel. The thinker/laugher. Married to Alex and may be moving close to mom and dad :-) Each of her squares is different, using small strips and some pieces of clothing. Topstitched pieces. Ya, she's definitely watched Mom sew.

Abby. Back in college, busy with art. Each of her squares has a fun polka dot she learned from a friend. Her squares weren't done in time so she needed to secretly sew after she was home for summer. "I'll never get them done, Mom keeps making me try to get a job!" She managed to finish her squares, get them mailed and get 3 jobs :-)

Each girl made 9 squares using 12 of her own fabrics plus one from Sara. Sara used one more print to back and bind the finished product when she quilted it, making 50 fabrics for 50 years. I am completely blown away, they are amazing. There is no better birthday gift a mom could get! Thanks girls, I love you :-)

The polka dot ironing board.

This blog is about fun little surprises. Like finding an old steel ironing board in a beautiful turquoise with a white and turquoise polka dot cover. At Goodwill. For only $3.99. On a day out with my daughter. Such a fun day.