Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Since this a place to post unexpected surprises, here is a list of some nice surprises in my life recently:

* I discovered a job posting for my dream job in the neighborhood middle school library and was hired! With this new job I was able to quit my super boring job and my husband is happy, too. Apparently I was not real pleasant of late :-)
* My daughter opened a new etsy vintage shop and had 2 sales in the first 2 days she had merchandise!
* Only one of the young adults was able to come to the 'project linus' night we had last night, she had never used a sewing machine and by the end of the night she had finished 2 quilt squares! Since it was just she and I we had great conversation and we have a new friendship! I'll post pictures of the squares when we are closer to finishing.
* A friend ordered 3 aprons for her sisters, I made 5 so she could choose. She, of course, picked the ones she originally asked for and the ones I made extra are now for sale. This one, pictured, was the most 'iffy' in my mind, I loved the fabric, but would other people??? It has had the most views on Etsy and also Flickr. Isn't it funny how things go?

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