Monday, September 20, 2010

Hyde Park Street Fair 2010

Here are a few photos of my display for this weekend's fun at the Hyde Park Street Fair in Boise. The Idaho Indie Works Street Team had over 20 sellers in an 8 tent booth. The pay station was busy all 3 days! So much handmade going out to Boise, it was wonderful!! I didn't get any other pictures, but all the displays looked so good. I was surrounded by great artists. I had Julie's MockingbirdClothing and Crissie, who has IzzyPDesign behind me, Erika, who is InspiredMamaMakes, beside me and Sandra, that SlyRaccoon, as well as amazing Great Custom Furniture, by Christina and Sean, across from me. We had a good time and sold well. Thanks Boise!
I ended up with a great location, right in front, couldn't miss my domestic dressform when you entered the tent. Unfortunately, Aimee took her Beach Chickens and moved. Fortunately, I got her spot :-)
It worked so well to be across from the kids' furniture, we will be doing some cross marketing soon. Kids in aprons playing on super cute furniture. Good idea, isn't it? Also, some last minute additions to my shop have been pincushions, hot pads and kitchen towels. They were a hit this weekend, so it paid off to live with a covering of fuzz for a few days while making them all.
And, here's a metal shelf I found at the Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store. Painted green, adorned with cute painted drawer knobs. Then I added a pantry door from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Caldwell and painted it, added a double hook for the back, and it helped stabilize as well as add charm to the shelf. It worked really well to keep my backstock.
This one is for Freida. I don't love that the beam of light hits right at my middle, but look how much I love you. I posted it anyway :-)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fun Sewing Quotes

I'm taking a quick minute out to say thank you to all of you who entered the giveaway offered from my shop on Audrey's GiveAways last month. Thanks, Audrey, for the opportunity to be featured, and congratulations to Katy, I hope your housework and gardening are much more fun now in your new apron!!

So.... I've been looking for a good sewing quote to use on Facebook, or in the signature line for my emails. As I looked I found just too many not to share. Here's a peek at some of the good ones I came across. And I'll also leave you with a few pictures of new aprons I have in my Etsy shop and which will also be for sale this weekend at the Hyde Park Street Fair in Boise. Enjoy!

Really I don't dislike to cook, but what you cook is eaten so quickly. When you sew, you have something that will last to show for your efforts. ~Elizabeth Travis Johnson

The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary. ~Mary Kurtz

The sewing machine joins what the scissors have cut asunder, plus whatever else comes in its path. ~Mason Cooley

I keep my end tables full of needlework and quilting so I don't have to dust them. ~Author Unknown

May your bobbin always be full! ~Author Unknown

In Seattle you haven't had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine while it's running. ~Jeff Bezos

Asking a seamstress to mend is like asking Michelangelo to paint your garage. ~Author Unknown

Sewing fills my days, not to mention the living room, bedroom, and closets. ~Author Unknown

Sewing mends the soul. ~Author Unknown

Any day spent sewing, is a good day. ~Author Unknown

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday Month

This month Abby turns 21 on the 21st, her Golden Birthday. She is living in Medora, ND, working in tourism, as you can see in my earlier post. By the time her birthday comes, she will have been living in the Old West for just shy of 3 months, and will leave 5 days later. Overall, it's been a good summer for her, but definitely a screeching halt from the hustle and bustle of school and life in Chicago. To give her something new to experience each day this month we decided to surprise her with a mailing (real mail, the kind that comes to the post office) each day with the number of items that corresponds to the day of the month it comes. Hopefully that makes sense. She has received a number of fun mailings so far. I started with one vintage scarf. Rachel followed with 2 National Geographic articles dealing with art. Emily sent her 3 things that reminded her of when Abby was small, and for #4, Jared mailed her 4 things from Chicago, since they just moved there, and she can't wait to get back.
Here is #9, a collection of photos of all of us in the family in a 'brag book' of sorts. I had to use a photo of Ron and I together to make it work as 9 photos instead of 10, but I think she was ok with that. We're up to the last week, I have my second to the last of my mailings in the mail and I'm ready for #21, it will be in the mail Tuesday. Happy Birthday Abby, see you on the 26th, be ready for Red Lobster!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Crazy Summer

This is what summer looked like on May 19th. So neat, tidy and prepared. Actually, inside this van were one girl's limited wardrobe, off to face a summer of unknowns in a new job, and one mom's suitcase, sewing machine and tubs full of Etsy goods facing a summer of a different type of unknowns.

After 1068 miles we arrived in North Dakota, connected with Grandma and Grandpa, Emily flew in to Bismarck and the girls visited Medora together for the first time. Look at those smiles of anticipation. Could they REALLY live there for 3 months? Hmmm...

Dad made remarkable progress, he even moved home from the Alzheimer's home in time for a Father's Day burger at the Cowboy Cafe with Grandma, Peggy and Abby. His hat is still a bit big in this picture, but by now, after eating Mom's home cooking for awhile, it fits again.
And he's smiling for real now, too :-)

Ron and I made a marathon trip back to ND for the 4th of July, and look how good those girls have adapted to the Old West! (Of course, they'll probably never wear red plaid again in their lives, tho) They've spent quite a bit of time in the sun this summer, swimming in the Little Missouri River, swimming at the Badlands Motel pool and carrying trays of water and popcorn at the Medora Musical, and look at their summer glow!
Abby had a day off while we were there and it was awesome to spend time with her. Her summer is getting a bit long, but at least she has a job and is spending it in a way she'll always remember. I would have loved to have her job, wonder why I never just applied for it? I guess that job at the Villa Drive In just had so much more appeal. Well, probably not. We miss her, it's the first time we haven't had any kids in the house during a summer since 1978. One more step in the empty nesting phase I guess.
So, this is a blog about unexpected surprises. Through all the trials, this has been a good summer. Dad's whole hip replacement and subsequent confusion due to his Alzheimer's Disease has done an amazing thing in our family. The 5 of us kids have always been independent and didn't connect that much. We've moved away from our hometown and kind of live our lives separate from each other. Helping Mom and Dad with his needs and the many decisions and stress this spring and summer, we've reconnected and are working together in a new way. This is something I've needed and am really enjoying. To be able to call one of my sisters, sister inlaw or brothers and have it be casual and routine is so wonderful. Spending a month with Mom was fun, in spite of the circumstances. We had a numerous laughing fits, and they are always good for the soul. In the above photo we all are at our huge family reunion in July. Earlier in the summer we doubted it would happen, but Dad made the trip and had a wonderful time.

One more thing I've realized is that my intense need to hunt out and bring home many of Mom's vintage things is much less intense than it has been. I believe I've spent time and reconnected with the people behind Mom's vintage pieces in a new way. The things themselves don't hold as much interest to me anymore. I have real live vintage people back in my life now. (You know, the ones you remember from years past that bring that smile and warm, familiar feeling?) The dishes, pictures, and fabric stash are much less important, and maybe they are even just things to me now.
Well, except for the fabric. I might still need that.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Making it "Home"

We just finished a positive project that's been in the making for quite awhile. Hubby gave me shutters for my birthday this spring, but I needed to paint them before we hung them up. Of course I procrastinated. It's hard to decide what color to have the whole neighborhood see, it tells so much about your personality! Anyway, because I'm predictable, I decided on deep red. I painted this week and we put them up. I love them! I also painted my kitchen and a livingroom wall. When we moved here, 5 years ago, I'd painted them a cool vintage green and it looked amazing. Life was tough for awhile, tho. It's a long story, sometimes life is just kind of hard. As I'm coming out of that, I realized everytime I thought about the color of those walls that same darkness seemed to want to creep back in. I decided that, for me, paint gives new life to many things, and often gives me a new outlook on life. A baptizm of sorts, you know, an outward symbol of an inward change? My kitchen is now a wonderful buttery yellow :-). And, when I drive down the street I will know which house is mine now because it has amazing red shutters. It's time for me to wake up and be a part of the community again!

And look at this wonderful diaper bag I made for Melissa! In June she welcomed Miss Natalie into their family and now she'll be toting her things around Oklahoma City in this amazingly enormous bag. When I showed her and her mom my bags and another pattern I was considering trying, they decided on this style. I'd never made it before, but I gave it a shot. I have a few kinks to work out in all the pockets I've added to the style, and making it super sturdy, but I really like it so far. And, considering it's bigger than we anticipated, she'll have room for everything PLUS the kitchen sink.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Apron Design!

Fun thing the other day... I met another consignor, Desiree, at Puffy Mondaes. She sells seeds, lavendar, and many other earthy goodies at Beyond A Garden on Etsy (I love her Earthworm Soap) and keeps a wonderful blog about gardening, aromatherapy, herbal living, paper making and more. She likes my aprons and is featuring a Project/Gardening apron in an article in the local downtown magazine, The Urban Liaison. She ordered an apron to wear this weekend at the local health fair! It's the same style as this blue one, but in a fabric with orange and pink on eggplant, very cute!
It's funny how at times I get down about slow sales, or feel like all my things look the same, or any matter of things. Seems like just about that time someone comes along and says just the right thing, finds me on Flickr, orders something, or gives me another idea and it's just perfect!
Thanks Desiree, good luck at the health fair!