Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Apron Design!

Fun thing the other day... I met another consignor, Desiree, at Puffy Mondaes. She sells seeds, lavendar, and many other earthy goodies at Beyond A Garden on Etsy (I love her Earthworm Soap) and keeps a wonderful blog about gardening, aromatherapy, herbal living, paper making and more. She likes my aprons and is featuring a Project/Gardening apron in an article in the local downtown magazine, The Urban Liaison. She ordered an apron to wear this weekend at the local health fair! It's the same style as this blue one, but in a fabric with orange and pink on eggplant, very cute!
It's funny how at times I get down about slow sales, or feel like all my things look the same, or any matter of things. Seems like just about that time someone comes along and says just the right thing, finds me on Flickr, orders something, or gives me another idea and it's just perfect!
Thanks Desiree, good luck at the health fair!

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