Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday Month

This month Abby turns 21 on the 21st, her Golden Birthday. She is living in Medora, ND, working in tourism, as you can see in my earlier post. By the time her birthday comes, she will have been living in the Old West for just shy of 3 months, and will leave 5 days later. Overall, it's been a good summer for her, but definitely a screeching halt from the hustle and bustle of school and life in Chicago. To give her something new to experience each day this month we decided to surprise her with a mailing (real mail, the kind that comes to the post office) each day with the number of items that corresponds to the day of the month it comes. Hopefully that makes sense. She has received a number of fun mailings so far. I started with one vintage scarf. Rachel followed with 2 National Geographic articles dealing with art. Emily sent her 3 things that reminded her of when Abby was small, and for #4, Jared mailed her 4 things from Chicago, since they just moved there, and she can't wait to get back.
Here is #9, a collection of photos of all of us in the family in a 'brag book' of sorts. I had to use a photo of Ron and I together to make it work as 9 photos instead of 10, but I think she was ok with that. We're up to the last week, I have my second to the last of my mailings in the mail and I'm ready for #21, it will be in the mail Tuesday. Happy Birthday Abby, see you on the 26th, be ready for Red Lobster!!!


  1. We have been enjoying this one more to get together and in the mail from us. Our one request is that when it's all said and done we get to see a list of what everyone has sent :-)

  2. I agree, I'd like to see a list, too. From what I know she's received so far, it will be a pretty funny list.
    She says she feels super loved by her family, but it makes her miss us all the more :-)