Monday, February 21, 2011

Alma's first trip to the fabric store.

Here's Alma's first outing. Appropriately, we took her to a fabric store. Rachel was ready to stock her diaper bag for the first time and realized she had no diaper changing pad. She chose the print on the long roll to her left, a wonderful laminated cotton.

You may think 4 days old is too early to go fabric shopping, but the ladies at Quilt Crossing were all impressed, and some actually scolded us for waiting so long! She was a trooper, slept through the whole adventure. That's good, since I'm sure there will be many days when Rachel will have to do some serious bribing to get her to be excited about a trip to Joanns, or the like. I remember those days of my kids hiding under bolts of fabric....

Check out her blog, The Fox Den, for updates on little Alma Jay and also her creative blog, BelleFourche, for updates on her sewing projects, or what she may currently have available on Etsy or at Bricolage.

Aren't they just so cute?


  1. now mine help me pick out what the "Cool" fabrics are apparently mine are not always cool. So they pick all my teen prints. And little boy one's too. Comes in handy and keeps them busy. Trying to outdo each other and begging for half a yard of their own lol.

  2. by the way I'm going to feature you in my blog this week with my mom's new card holder. :)